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Working in retail must be very different from previous work as an engineer! How has your journey been so far?

I started as a store manager in Montreal in 2017 and then in February 2020, I became Market Manager in Territory 26 for 10 stores. It’s so different from being an engineer, but it wasn’t difficult for me because I had the experience in management, so it was more about adjusting to a different field.
Market Manager 
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I have been part of the Couche-Tard family for 9 years now, and have had the opportunity to hold several positions from marketing to operations, as well as merchandising and distribution. Through internal support and training, I have grown within the company and now hold a position within the global team, which allows me to work in collaboration with 18 business units in North America.  At Couche-Tard, every day is an exciting challenge!
Mélissa Lessard
Head of Marketing & Merchandising Canada