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Circle K Business Centre Warsaw
Who is Circle K?

Circle K is one of the world's leading convenience and fuel retail businesses and has approximately 12,300 sites across its network in North America (U.S. and Canada), Europe (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, Poland, the Baltics), Asia and the Middle East.  We are a family of more than 100,000 merchants making it easy for our customers around the world.
Circle K Business Centre Warsaw
At Circle K Business Centre in Warsaw, we are part of #OneTeam working across the globe to strengthen Circle K
to become an industry leader. We partner with the business
to create solutions making our clients lives a little easier everyday.

Our professionals in Warsaw are responsible for applications development, company cyber security, cloud & infrastructure and facilities management, data & analytics, digital marketing, fuel logistics, HR.  

We are proud to be part of a company with strong values (#oneteam, #takeownership, #dotherightthing, #playtowin) where we live by our ethical grounds among others defined
​​​​​​​by diversity, inclusion, equity & sustainability. 

Our Team!

Would you like to grow with us? Meet our teams!
Fuel and Retail Tech Team
We are team distributed across Circle K business location
in Europe with high technical skills in combination with fuel and retail business domain skills.  
Supporting our paying customers and store employees
at Circle K stores, every day we make sure that we have high performing solutions, catering for stable and secure operation, to make it easy for our customers.
We are responsible for our critical store and back-end solutions such as Point of Sales, Store Back Office, Payment terminals, Central Payment switch and Fuel cards solutions.
Developing for future with New Fuel Card platform project, an ongoing multi-years program, to standardize
and consolidate Fuel Card platforms and with Developing Roadmaps for Next Generation Point of sale and store back office in Europe.   

At the same time Deploying New Innovation experience
to the stores, that we are very proud of: Pay by plate
with car plate recognitions and Smart checkouts with camera vision, in addition to Deploying Circle K Global upselling tools and new Loyalty program. 
High activity, learning opportunities and working
with a committed and friendly team.

Global Software Development

At Circle K, our Global Development is
a dynamic and innovative software development team that seamlessly integrates technology with our retail operations.
We are driven by the goal of providing
a comprehensive suite of digital services.
Our front-end solutions offer user-friendly mobile applications and web platforms, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for our customers.
Additionally, our innovative and highly scaled API backend platform empowers our business with flexible integration capabilities, facilitating the seamless addition of new digital features and capabilities. All our solutions are cloud-based to ensure high scalability and availability.
We take great pride in our in-house software division, which boasts over 20 highly skilled cross-functional Scrum teams. These teams work collaboratively and cohesively, driving our product development forward
with unmatched dedication.
Moreover, we value the fruitful collaborations we share with esteemed vendors,
​​​​​​​which enable us to adapt our capacity effectively and deliver outstanding results.

While strategically based in Warsaw, Poland, our collaborative efforts extend internationally, encompassing teams located in the US, Canada, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Brazil, Mexico and other global locations.
This global approach allows us to harness diverse perspectives and expertise, enriching our collective efforts and ensuring a seamless synergy between teams.
At the heart of our success lies our commitment to Scrum and scaled agile methodologies.
These principles serve as the cornerstone
of our approach, fostering a culture
of collaboration, flexibility, and continuous improvement.
As a result, our teams remain adaptive, responsive, and capable of delivering
high-quality outcomes in a dynamic
​​​​​​​and ever-changing business landscape.

Global Data & Analytics Engineering

Global Data & Analytics Engineering Team is responsible for maintaining scalable data analytics platform for Circle K,
and for providing actionable quality data
to enable high-value insights into our business & help make data driven decisions at scale.

We are currently engaged in enabling new data assets and intelligence ecosystem
​​​​​​​to drive innovations, operational excellence, and data driven culture at Circle K.

Technologies we use: Microsoft Azure Databricks (Spark), Azure Synapse, Snowflake, Azure Tabular, Azure Data Factory, Azure Functions, Azure Containers, Docker, DevOps, Python (3.x), PySpark, Git, Terraform, Power BI.

Facility Service Center

Facility Service Center team is responsible
for providing support for the repair of Circle K equipment in Europe - repairing infrastructure construction (i.e. mechanical, plumbing, electrical, electrical, equipment strengthening and monitoring), shop fittings (i.e. coffee makers and bars), ending with offshore assets (i.e. pumps, external payment terminals).

We solve problems, we advise on technical / functional problems and help with our services or servicing and repairs from the service provider of service providers (shipping services).

We monitor the level of service and control expenses with traffic engineering orders. Another geometry of the FSC system is
the operation of the insurance service.
Our team of delegated insurance professionals gather, review and process when they are third parties. Teams are formed that are expected
​​​​​​​to arise costs of road accidents.

Enterprise & Automation Systems
Oracle JD Edwards
We are running one of the world’s largest Oracle JD Edwards installations, hosted in Oracle Cloud. Our ERP team is located in our European countries and is handling projects and changes and securing efficient & standardized system processes and architecture in JD Edwards,
across our Business Units and system landscape.
We are upgrading every second year and utilizing the newest tools and functionality.

Fuel applications
The Fuel application team is managing more than 100 instances of bespoke integrations and automations.
We process millions of transactions every week.
The integration & automation instance is designed, built
and maintained in-house by the team.

Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, have been implemented
and established for all our European operations and our European team is currently rolling out Service Cloud
to Norths American Business Units. Sales Cloud is used
for B2B customers and electric charging customers.
​​​​​​​Pardot and CRM Tableau is used for B2B customers. Salesforce is integrated to Websites and other applications through API’s. Our team is building and maintaining Salesforce solutions and integrations. 

See what our employees have to say...

I’ve been working in Circle K for almost 10 years. I have started my career in Sales Analyst position in RSO (Retail Sales Operations) department.

​​​​​​​After 3 years, I moved to IT department, where I am working till now. It was a little bit coincidence that I am in IT now😊. However after many years of working here I think that it was a good decision. IT gives a lot of opportunities. I was staring as business analyst and now I am back-end developer.  In the meantime I had 2 breaks for maternity leaves. After each break I was coming back to a different project that was the new opportunity for me to develop.

The important thing is that we work together as one team, we support and help each other on daily basis. After many years of working here, I can say that Circle K is a good choice!
Magdalena -  Data Developer
I joined Circle K in 2017 as Business Analyst and my first assignment was to enable mobile payment for fuel and car wash via CK app.

From the scratch! That was exciting to take part in this project from the beginning. Since Denmark was the first country where this feature was released to, our team flew there and checked the results on its own, which was a very team building experience. While being asked what’s like to work in Circle K, I always say that I have a space for doing the analysis and thus affect how the application works. I have a visible influence. But what I value the most in the company are people.
Karolina -  Tech Product Owner
My name is Przemek and I’m Senior Enterprise Architect in Circle K.

​​​​​​​In my role I’m responsible for overview of company portfolio, assessment of next technology and applications coming to the company and building strategy and roadmaps for the organization. My adventure with Circle K started 8 years ago when I joined as User Experience Architect. In this time I was promoted to Senior position and finally moved to my current role with wider responsibilities.  

What I love about Circle K is the fact that except from professional interests I can also fulfill my personal need of helping others. I am coordinating charity initiatives where our employees are involved in eg. we are supporting a few orphan homes, have organized packages for war refugees, supporting newly established Ukrainian school and many others.   
I am empowered by helping others and I can realize that in my company.


Przemek - 
Senior Enterprise Architect
My name is Szymon and I have been working in Circle K almost 8 years.

I have started from position of 1st line support, later I have been promoted to 2nd and 3rd line and finally I am Java Developer.  My responsibility is to develop integrations between company and external partners applications.  
What is the best of working here? People!  Managers, that are giving you the opportunity to grow and understand work-life balance.  Colleagues who are nice, always willing to cooperate, are full of ideas (not always smart ;)). I remember one day somebody "hacked" coffee machine and switched the names of products. It was such a good prank.  I can't imagine better place to work.
Szymon - 
Java Developer
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      One team

We work together to make it easier for our customers and colleagues. We stay humble and celebrate our shared successes. We have fun and care for each other.

Do the right thing

We act with honesty & integrity. We are inclusive: we treat eachother: our customers, and our suppliers with respect. We strive towards a cleaner, safer, equitable workplace for planet.

  Take Ownership

We treat the business as our own. We seek out problems, act quickly to solve them, and deliver better results. We take responsibility, and when we make mistakes, we learn from them

      Play to win

We challenge ourselves to play offense, not defense, which means we need to be quick and innovative. We show up every day ready and committed to make an impact using our talents, passion, and hard work.

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