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Improved Salary

Over the past number of months, we have focused on improving our base hourly rate and benefits for all front line colleagues. Our rates are based longevity and shift pattern ranging from €12.70 to €15.88 per hour.


Great Perks

All Circle K roles come with great perks such as free coffee, sandwich for lunch and discounted miles and miles plus fuel. We also offer discounts with other retailers through our wellness platform.
Flexible Hours
Bonus & Sales Incentives
As we achieve our commercial goals across the business, there are opportunities to earn sales incentives and/or annual bonuses at all levels of our business.
Flexible Hours

Flexible Hours

We know life isnt always 9 - 5 thats why we have flexible work hours allowing you to fit work around your life. Along with permanant contracts and guarenteed hours check out our roles today.
Flexible Hours
Fresh Start
With better salaries, greater benefits and continous developement programmes its always time for a fresh start with Circle K.
Flexible Hours
Health & Wellbeing
Circle K continuously promote wellness initiatives to support our colleagues' wellbeing across the organisation.
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All Welcome
Our colleagues come from a range of diverse cultures and age groups. If you're interested then we are interested.

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See what our employees have to say...

Working in retail must be very different from previous work as an engineer! How has your journey been so far?

I started as a store manager in Montreal in 2017 and then in February 2020, I became Market Manager in Territory 26 for 10 stores. It’s so different from being an engineer, but it wasn’t difficult for me because I had the experience in management, so it was more about adjusting to a different field.
Yano -  Market Manager
You joined the company over 12 years ago as a Sales Assistant in a small store in Dublin. Tell us about this and what you learned from your store experience?

I learned everything I know about our business. How retail works, how marketing is executed, what customer service is all about, and what our customers want and need from us as a company. I also learned about the amazing personalities we have across the business.
MJ -  Head of Marketing - Europe
How do you have fun at work?

I have fun when my customers become my friends because they start coming in every day. I make relationships with them and I find great joy in helping them in the store and getting to know their kindness. It makes me so happy.
employee-name employee-details
Tell us about your journey from being a registered nurse to building a career in Circle K?

I started as a part-time Customer Service representative at Circle K to earn tuition reimbursement money to help pay for college, but I quickly realized my passion for the industry. Once I got the hang of things, my manager promoted me to Assistant Manager and six months later I advanced to Store Manager.  Soon after participating in the "Future Leaders Program", I advanced to a Special Project Manager.  This experienced set the stage for my current position where I'm a Market Manager responsible for 16 stores.
Tevin -  Market Manager
How has Circle K helped you in your career development?

I have been there as Senior Store Manager for 4 years from now, and it is never boring. With my team of 28-32 employees - there is a lot to do. Last year I was so happy to be selected as one of 20 managers in Denmark to join a 1-year leadership training program called My Journey. Recently, I joined a food trainer program - this is an area that I would love to work more in!
Mette -  Senior Store Manager

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