Our Fantastic Management Team

Get to know more about our great leaders. This is a truly diverse and professional team that is focused on creating a great working experience in the Business Centre.
Artūrs Andžāns - Managing Director & Accounting

Together with the management team, I am committed to creating an environment in Business Centre Riga where all people are treated with respect and where people’s unique talents and individual differences are used to create a positive value. My main responsibilities as Managing Director are to represent Business Centre in Riga within the Circle K global network as well as on the external arena and make sure that the Business Centre is strengthening its position as a strategic partner for the Business and as a global centre of excellence. 
My motto is - Life has no limitations, except for the ones you make. I also believe that to love your job is a key ingredient to happiness. Apart from work, my passion is reading Science fiction books and Cooking.
Dace Lodziņa - Customer Contact Centre

I am responsible for the Customer Contact Centre operations servicing and supporting Circle K B2B and B2C customers in Europe and North America, operating 24/7 in 9 different languages.  Our team is also involved in the development of artificial intelligence solutions for our customers globally. During my career, I have taken on customer service, sales, and marketing roles.  
I always try to maintain a high level of energy and I think I am succeeding in this :) In my free time, I do gardening, travel, and read books. I believe that plans are nothing, but planning is everything.
Ieva Zirne - Global People (HR)

Ieva is leading the People team of the Busines Centre. HR strategy, Recruitment, Development, Employer branding, Engagement are some of the topics on her team's daily menu. In Circle K the People team is the partner to Leaders and employees in their daily challenges and successes.
“I love my job. I believe it is important to love the job you do. We spend at least half of our waking hours at work, so it’s important to actually like what you do. Sometimes it is challenging, but if at the end of the day you can say to yourself – I did a good job – it has been a day well spent”
Kristīna Zaharova-Antonoviča - Fuel Accounting Europe

In short, we keep track of the fuel from the agreed delivery until the distribution to the sites or our clients. We also follow up on supply contract execution and manage supplier accounts.  We have 8 countries within the scope with 99 terminals in our network and over 15 million m3 fuel turnover annually. There is a saying that “Great things never come from comfort zones”, so just step out and take your team with you on this journey. 
Besides the work, together with my husband, we are raising two beautiful kids, who have a lot of energy. When it’s too much in the head, I go horse riding in Kleisti.
Maciej Andrzej Wojcik - Global Fuels

On the Supply end my team and I are responsible for ensuring that all fuel products are always available for liftings at Circle K and Partner Terminals across Europe. We are also responsible for ensuring that the product is available for sales at all Circle K stations across Europe. On a daily basis, we coordinate end-to-end physical product flow from suppliers/refineries using vessels on sea or trains on the ground. I am proud to be a part of this truly global and diverse organisation like Circle K. I am an analytical thinking person with a scientific education who enjoys the world of operations. Besides work I enjoy half marathons in running and cycling. I believe great things are achieved by a series of small things brought together. 

Linda Vanaga - Financial Accounting

I am responsible for financial accounting, financial controlling, and financial management reporting for all Circle K companies in Europe. My area of expertise is translating numbers in a way that is understandable for anyone and solving complex accounting and financial controlling matters. For me, work is like a hobby. I love finance and am very passionate about working at Circle K.   
I like an active way of living and exploring the world by seeing different people, cultures and tasting different cuisines. I believe that I have a great sense of humour and am a very optimistic person (at least my friends say so:) My life motto is: “It does not get easier, you just get better.”
Maija Ļaksa - Global Tech (IT)

Maija has been working in Circle K since 2016. She started as a Principal Quality Responsible and Release Manager, then the got responsibility to manage robotics team.
Since 2021 Maija is a Team Manager for one of the most tech-related teams in Circle K. During the years in Global Tech Maija has established a good people network. Problem solving is her Super Power. If she doesn't have a solution to the problem herself, she will always advise the next person to go to.
“I like my job as every day there are new challenges. I need to feel that someone becomes happier from what I have done. In my spare time I like travelling to relax my brain with new emotions to be ready for new discoveries.”